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At Two International Group, we pride ourselves on client satisfaction.

Our team has a diverse background including construction, financing, management, and leasing. With decades of experience in each discipline, we are able to leverage these skills in the oversight of our properties to ensure the best management services are provided to our clients. It is our belief that each and every member from construction through upper management have one primary goal: client satisfaction. Working together with dedicated professionals from CP Management, we continuously strive to provide the highest quality management services.

Our asset managers are focused on ensuring that capital improvements, leasing efforts, property management and the ongoing communication amongst team members is consistent with the high expectations of our clients. Although quality management in real estate is often judged by the quickness of response when things go wrong, it is really the proactive steps a management group takes to avoid this need that determines how effectively they are managing their assets. This can be as simple as preventative maintenance – or as complex as financing and pursuing a major capital improvement plan for a property to maintain its Class A status. In other cases, it may be a shift in leasing strategy to best meet demands of incoming tenants.

For the past 25 years, we have worked with our property management partners to ensure our properties have the resources needed to proactively address client needs and maintain the status as a top-tier property owner.

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