A Move to Tax-Free NH: Many Benefits Post-Covid-19

Throughout the course of the pandemic, many regular aspects of the typical American’s lifestyle have changed. One of the biggest changes is the nature of office and work spaces. For instance, since the start of COVID-19, many employees have been mandated to work from home and shift their office space into their home space. As our economy begins reopening, some employees are being welcomed back into their office using multiple safety precautions. Therefore, companies that are allowing their employees back into the office are faced with reconfiguring workspaces.

Safety Precautions

To follow the best health practices and protect the health of employees, companies need to have sanitation stations, temperature monitoring, and desks placed at least six feet apart to ensure proper social distancing. However, some offices don’t have the space to open back up safely and distance their employees properly. This leads to staggered employee schedules, remote workers, and increased technology requirements. Companies are now tasked with a tough decision at hand- how to best rearrange their office to fit all of these safety precautions.


Rearranging Office Spaces

When it comes to rearranging an office to accommodate the post-COVID-19 requirements, companies have to think of a few different variables. They need to have a space where employees can easily park, have access to stairs so there isn’t overcrowding on elevators, and a place that’s easy to get to- whether in the city or outside of the city. It’s also important to allow your employees a space to be able to get fresh air during the day. After working remotely for an extended period of time, employees will need to adjust and having access to outdoor spaces can help this transition. If your office space doesn’t offer these critical points, you might consider relocating to a new location with more accessibility and more space to maintain social distancing outlines.

If you’re interested in relocating to a new office space, consider tax-free New Hampshire. The beautiful Granite State is an easy commute from the metro-Boston area, has many tax benefits including no personal income tax, no sales tax, no estate tax and no inheritance tax- making this state an ideal move for your company. Although your employees could have acclimated well to working remotely, sooner or later, it will be time to head back into the office and start implementing some safety guidelines. If you’re looking at new spaces, contact our team at Two International Group or call us at (603) 436-8686. We specialize in real estate development, construction, leasing, and asset management and can customize a new space for you that would fit all the post-COVID-19 requirements, and save you money! Let us help you find the perfect meeting room, class A office building, green building, warehouse space, or rental space in New Hampshire.

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